An Urban Dweller’s Guide to Rewilding | Erica Wohldmann

An Urban Dweller’s Guide to Rewilding | Erica Wohldmann

Spending time in nature has so many benefits to psychological and physical health. In this fun, informative talk, Erica Wohldmann shares some lessons she learned while living in the forest that can be applied to life in the urban wild.

Dr. Erica Wohldmann is a scientist, a passionate environmentalist, and a lover of unfenced country. She earned a joint Ph.D. in cognitive psychology and cognitive science from the University of Colorado, Boulder, in 2006, and is currently an Associate Professor at California State University, Northridge where she teaches classes about the psychology of food choices, best practices in sustainability, ecopsychology, and positive psychology. Erica’s research on factors that influence food choices has been generously funded by the National Institutes of Health, and her work has been published in some of the leading peer-reviewed scientific journals as well as featured in Psychology Today and on the National Wildlife Federation website. She has been invited to speak about her research, sustainable agriculture, and best practices at conferences, to the California Neighborhood and City Council Coalitions, as well as in her community and at popular music festivals.


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January 1, 2017