Cognitive Kali | Paul McCarthy

Cognitive Kali | Paul McCarthy

Paul McCarthy suggests that complex movements may have different affects than well learned movements on cognitive function. In this lively talk which includes demonstrations of the ancient martial art of Filipino Kali, drumming and some impromptu dancing, he suggests that we start our own ‘movement revolution’ as a pathway to greater health and wellbeing.
Kali Demonstration – Guro Conrad Cayman & Guro Roland Arenz
Drummers – Alex Acuna & Michael Dubin
Drumming Music – Written and Performed by Alex Acuna, Michael Dubin & Corrado Rotondella
Thank you to our teacher and mentor Guro Dan Inosanto –
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Paul “The British Ninja” McCarthy has been studying movement and martial arts for over 20 years. He holds black belts in various martial arts including Filipino Martial Arts (FMA), Hapkido (4th degree) and Taekwondo (1st degree) and is an instructor of Savate, Muay Thai and Jeet Kune Do. With an MS from Indiana University in Kinesiology and through his experience coaching, teaching and managing various movement practices, Paul is fascinated by what makes the body ‘tick’. He is currently working with Neuroscience Professors at UCLA, University of Victoria and University of Illinois to study how martial arts movement patterns improve cognitive function. Paul’s philosophy is that movement is vital to a happy and healthy life and that training and opening your mind to multiple arts, whether combative or healing, is the true path to maximizing your learning potential.



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January 2, 2017