Finding Music in Different Spaces | Mikael Jorgensen

Finding Music in Different Spaces | Mikael Jorgensen

Mikael uses the audience’s participation to create an interesting musical experience.

Born in suburban New Jersey to Scandinavian immigrant parents, Mikael Jorgensen developed a fascination with music and its production while accompanying his father Joe, an accomplished New York recording engineer, to recording studios in NYC at age 7. From this technology-rich childhood, Mikael went on to gain formal education ranging from fine arts and video to electronics and computer science, a combination that now forms the core of his creative endeavors as a master of modern-digital and retro-analog production.
Working at SOMA Studios in Chicago, owned by John McEntire of Tortoise, Mikael worked on records with artists like Stereolab, Rob Mazurek and The Aluminum Group. This period culminated with Mikael engineering Wilco‘s Grammy winning album “A Ghost Is Born,” during which he transcended his engineering role and began playing keyboards in the group, where he has been for over a decade.


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January 3, 2017