Unfinished is the new finished | Victoria Young

Unfinished is the new finished | Victoria Young

The fastest growing companies in the technology industry are always experimenting. By staying in beta, we give ourselves a creative license to try new things and test our boundaries. What if we all adopted this mindset of constantly testing our own limits to learn more about ourselves?

Fascinated by how technology can shape culture by accelerating the spread of ideas and changing of attitudes and behaviors, Victoria tracks patterns in how people think, respond, and interact with new technology-driven experiences. Victoria studied mass media communications and business at UCLA and technology and entrepreneurship at MIT Sloan / Media Lab. At the intersection of data and creativity, Victoria integrates methods from behavioral economics, social psychology, business, and design, using multi-disciplined thinking to tease out nuances in technology that shape human behavior and define the spread of ideas through connection.
A KPCB Product Fellow, Victoria currently works at Uber where she helps drive the growth of ideas, teams, and products that scale exponentially to transform the cultural landscape of cities by using bits to move atoms.


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January 1, 2017