Why everyone should hack | Mihir Mathur

Why everyone should hack | Mihir Mathur

Mihir knows the power of tinkering, and how solving a seemingly simple problem can have a massive effect. Turns out that finding innovative solutions to complex problems doesn’t take too long. What if everyone could cause a large impact by tinkering at daily problems?

Mihir Mathur is a sophomore studying Computer Science at UCLA. He is passionate about creating technology products and designing experiences. He is the newly elected President at UCLA Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), one of the largest student-run computer science organizations in Southern California. Mihir is the co-founder of UCLA Creative Labs, a digital design collaboration that connects the best developers and the best designers at UCLA. He is also one of the lead organizers for LA Hacks. He is motivated by the belief that Computer Science has a great power to make positive impacts in people’s lives. His idea of integrating Computer Vision in trash bins for effective waste management won him the first place in the FuturizeX Student Challenge 2017


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January 2, 2017