M. Alex O. Vasilescu

Face Recognition: Facts vs. Fiction


M. Alex O. Vasilescu received her education at MIT and the University of Toronto. She was a research scientist at the MIT Media Lab from 2005–07 and at New York University’s Courant Insitute of Mathematical Sciences from 2001–05. She has pioneered the developement of multilinear (tensor) algebra for computer vision, computer graphics and machine learning. She has published papers in computer vision and computer graphics, particularly in the areas of face recognition, human motion analysis/synthesis, image-based rendering, and physics-based modeling (deformable models). She has given several invited talks and keynote addresses about her work and has several patents and patents pending. Her face recognition research, known as TensorFaces, has been funded by the TSWG, the Department of Defense’s Combating Terrorism Support Program. Her work was featured on the cover of Computer World, and in articles in the New York Times, Washington Times, etc. MIT’s Technology Review Magazine named her to their TR100 List of Top 100 Young Innovators.

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