Campus Tours

Behind the scenes tours of the UCLA campus were held after the 2011 conference.

Operating Room: Put on scrubs and go into one of the most high-tech OR rooms in the nation, led by a UCLA surgeon. (Limited to 10 people)

HeliPad: Do you wonder what the roar is above UCLA and what the trauma and transplant teams are using the helicopters for?  Here from them on the helipad. (Limited registration)

Game Lab: UCLA D|MA has a new game lab. See and experience what is going on in this new center with the director and a grad student. (Limited registration)

Sculpture Garden: UCLA has an amazing collection of sculptures and art just outside of the Broad Auditorium. Take a tour with an Art Historian from UCLA Extension. (Limited registration)

Tunnels below UCLA: Many do not know that UCLA has 4.5 miles of tunnels under the campus.  Get a glimpse of these infamous tunnels first hand, no miners hat required. (Limited registration)

Live Room/Dead Room: Walk into a room that echos again and again. Then step into a wire mesh room with absorbing material on all 6 sides and feel and ‘hear’ sound disappear. Only your heartbeat remains. Tour with an acoustics expert/graduate student. (Limited registration)

Visualization Portal: Put on your 3D glasses and see how scientist and visualization experts study and present information.  Some get dizzy in this room, be forewarned. (Limited registration)