Scott Hutchinson


As the Program Director for the areas of Design, Studio Arts, Art History, Photography, User Experience, Game and VR programs at UCLA Extension, Scott Hutchinson works with post graduates that leverage the university to keep learning and advancing. As a long time attendee of main TED, Scott is license holder for TEDxUCLA and lauched the series at UCLA in 2011.

Josh O’Connor


As the Assistant Director for Residential Life, Josh oversees the Leadership & Involvement unit. This area is responsible for: leadership initiatives, sustainability efforts and health & well-being education. Josh also co-advises the housing government program. Josh is proud to support TEDxUCLA and spreading the ideas. Josh has been a TEDxUCLA co-organizer since 2014.

Why do we do it?

We strongly believe in the power of spreading big ideas, creating events for our local communities, and being part of the conversation. Since 2015 we have partnered with UCLA’s Residential Life and could not be happier with what Josh O’Connor and his amazing team of colleagues and students bring to TEDxUCLA.

TEDxUCLA has grown over the years and we will continue to be a platform for innovative thinkers to share powerful ideas. Ideas presented at events like this need to be shared to grow and develop; please do your part and engage.

For big ideas in the online or on ground classroom that you can be part of, please visit our Visual Arts site for User Experience, Design Thinking, Internet of Things, Design, Photography, Art History and Art, or the UCLA Extension site for the full breadth of our online and on ground offerings. Classes are open to all. For information about Residential Life, please go to our webpage.