Environmental Report Card | Sagarika Subramanian and Sarah Chiang

scssCome learn more about the Environmental Report Car for the County of Los Angeles! This project is part of UCLA Grand Challenge Sustainability. This is a The challenge of moving towards sustainability in Los Angeles County is daunting: it is the most populous county in the nation and consists of 88 individual cities. After nearly two years of gathering and analyzing data, the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability at UCLA has developed an Environmental Report Card for the County of Los Angeles, the first of its kind in the nation for a major metropolitan area.

The aim of this report card is three-fold: to provide a broad picture of current conditions, to establish a baseline against which to assess the region’s progress towards environmental sustainability, and as a thought provoking tool to catalyze policy discussion and change.

Sagarika and Sarah both recently graduated in Spring 2016, with a B.S. in Environmental Science, and a minor in Environmental Systems and Society. They are both currently working on the 2016 Environmental Report Card for LA County. In the future, Sagarika hopes to be working in the energy and climate policy sectors, and Sarah hopes to work in water management and field data collection.