Freight Network System | Minnie Min Ying Li

Creating a database and visualization of the truck routes system for Southern California. This project is affiliated with the Southern California Association of Governments.

By looking into general plans and municipal of over 200 cities, maps are created for the entire region. Either by geocoding and geoprocessing, the finalized freight network maps showed how there are some insufficiency of their freight networks in some cities. For example, by putting a categorized manufacturing facilities layer on top of the routes, it shows there may not be enough routes for a certain city where there are many facilities such as warehouses/factories that require large amount of truck routes (Concentration of manufacturing but with no truck routes). And also another scenario could be there are no connection of truck routes between two cities. The end of one city’s truck routes is not connected to another city’s routes. This is also an insufficiency of freight network.

This is an important research/ project because drivers get tickets for operating on prohibited roads all the time, and to avoid so, they need to drive extra miles which requires extra time and costs. Therefore, the goods movement of the entire Southern California region is highly affected by it. It addresses the theme by showcasing how the location of a certain system or facility can affect our daily lives, in this case, the goods movement of the region (such as the goods you buy from grocery stores, the products you order online or the food you eat in restaurants).