REVISION – A cloud-based mapping application for trend visualization and sustainable communities planning

normanWhere in Southern California is rent increasing the fastest? Where do people have the longest commutes? Do disadvantaged communities have less access to healthy foods? Use REVISION to answer these questions and more.

Norman Wong is the IT/Data Manager and GIS Program Manager at the Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies. He is involved in GIS research and the design and development of internet-based mapping software. Mr. Wong’s duties include database management, GIS analysis/training/consultation, networking, application development, and general technical support. Previously, he held appointments in the UCLA Department of Urban Planning, the Ralph and Goldy Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies, and the UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS), and has been involved in numerous research projects during his 13+ years at the university. His interests include mapping, programming, and transportation-related issues. Norman has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics of Computation and a minor in Geography from UCLA.

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