The Energy Atlas | Hannah Gustafson and Dan Cheng

dsc_3895The Energy Atlas is an interactive web Atlas that provides decision-makers, researchers and the public with access to the largest and most disaggregated building energy data available in the nation. Powered by a geospatial relational database that connects address level energy consumption to building characteristics and census information, the tool can be used to inform energy planning and research in Los Angeles and throughout California as the State works to achieve its ambitious energy goals, and as local regions work to create energy sustainability.

Hannah Gustafson is a GIS Data Analyst with the California Center for Sustainable Communities (@CCSCatUCLA) in the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability at UCLA. At CCSC, she helps develop the LA Energy Atlas, an online tool for visualizing and analyzing energy consumption patterns throughout the Los Angeles region. She recently graduated from the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs with a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning where she focused on identifying high potential zero net energy building types in Los Angeles County.

Dan has a Master’s degree in GIS for Development and the Environment from Clark University, her expertise area has expanded from GIS/RS spatial analysis to GIS programming and database development over the past several years of working experience. She has worked on a variety of database projects including database migration, database design and database unification. At CCSC, she leads in developing the upgraded database for energy atlas 2.0 which targets a broader geographical area and wider data kinds.