The NewsSCOPE | Pete Broadwell

peteThe NewsSCOPE ( is a project to geocode and visualize place names in the UCLA NewsScape collection of television news. Relying solely on open data and open-source programs including the Stanford Named Entity Recognition library, the Gisgraphy geocoding framework (which uses data from and, and the D3.js Javascript library, the NewsSCOPE maps 14.3 million detected place names to approximately 81,000 unique points or regions. The place names were extracted from the 2.48 billion words of closed captioning transcripts of the more than 306,000 hours of news recordings in the NewsScape from 2004 to the present. The NewsSCOPE interface provides an interactive map and timeline that plots the daily, monthly and yearly frequencies of references to locations, as well as the ability to filter by specific news networks from eight countries, including 10 US cable networks and 12 regional affiliates. The interface facilitates further study of specific place references via links to their associated news recordings and transcripts in the NewsScape collection.