UCLA Grand Challenges – Biodiversity | Shenyue Jia

Come learn more about the Biodiversity Atlas of Los Angeles! This project is part of UCLA Grand Challenge Sustainability. In the Biodiversity Atlas of Los Angeles County, we hope to establish a baseline knowledge of which species depend upon the region’s resources and the extent to which they use them. Through a combination of remote-sensing data, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology, and existing and newly developed datasets, we will identify the spatial distributions and habitat requirements of endangered, iconic, and representative species in this diverse area. These maps can serve as a valuable tool for conservation scientists, policy-makers, and land managers in highlighting key areas for monitoring and management efforts. We also hope to draw the public’s attention and interest to the current breadth of species that shares their region. This project is a part of UCLA Grand Challenge Sustainability.

Shenyue Jia is the GIS specialist on the team of Biodiversity Atlas of LA County. She is responsible for collecting, preparing and managing geospatial data for the Atlas and map design.