Alexander Braczkowski

Photographer, National Geographic

Causing compassion and advocacy, frame by frame.

JB Dyas

Vice President, UCLA Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz

A performance and talk about the most powerful lessons of listening, leadership, agency, and compassion through jazz.

Kitty Felde

Host, Book Club for Kids

It’s not about the book: the unexpected left turns of conversation that open up through the act of reading while young.

Travis Flores

Writer, Producer, and Activist

Agency through being present.

Joey Forsyte

Founder and CEO, A Band of Voters

Hopefullness vs. hoplessness: stoking agency through the act of voting.

Yolanda Gorman

Chief of Staff, UCLA Office of the Chancellor

Being open to possibilities.

Harmony Grillo

Social Activist

Should prostitution be decriminalized?

Nikita Gupta

Program Director, UCLA GRIT

Stoking resilience from the inside out: keys to adaptability and joy during uncertain times.

Jocelyn Ho

Assistant Professor, UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music

Making women, and their invisible work, visible, one note at a time.

Devin Mallory

Performer, UCLA Dance Team

A performance from the unexpected—and welcomed—new member of the team.

Marc Mertens

CEO, A Hundred Years

Finding purpose through slowing down.

Paul Mischel

Distinguished Professor of Pathology, UCSD

A whole new lens to peer through: remapping our understanding of disease.

Francisco Ramos-Gomez

Professor, UCLA School of Dentistry

Transforming children’s oral health through equity and social justice, one smile at a time.

Laura Ritchie

Professor of Learning and Teaching in Music, University of Chichester

Self-efficacy is your untapped superpower, and key to agency.

George Shenusay

Accessibility Engineer, UCLA Disabilities and Computing Program

The welcomed diet of mealworms and their power to remove pollutants.


Street Artist

Letting your guard down through the universal language of art.

Tara Youngblood

Co-Founder, Chili

Managing the quality of sleep, the power of the rested mind.

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Past Talks About Agency

Azure Antoinette

Called “the Maya Angelou of the Millennial generation,” Azure Antoinette is a poet, brand humanist and creative strategist.  Watch Azure Antoinette deliver a spectacular spoken word performance: “I would love to tell you…”

Martin Loeffler

Martin Loeffler is the Director of the California Institute for Social Business (CISB).  Watch Martin Loeffler delve into the concept of social business and how it can solve social problems and change the world. 

C. Scott Hindell

C. Scott Hindell is Principal of Hindell Consulting where he specializes in human-centered business model design. Watch C. Scott Hindell resolve innovative struggles and help bring creative strategies to life.

Joan Hanawi

As a Project Coordinator at GOOD, Joan Hanawi leverages her interests and background to activate projects that move our world forward. Watch Joan Hanawi explain how to unlock the potential of our stories to inspire and resonate with people around the world. 

Tara Prescott

Dr. Tara Prescott is a Lecturer in Writing Programs and Faculty in Residence at UCLA. Watch Tara Prescott deliver a riveting story that encourages people to pursue their interests and empower their lives. 

Darlene Mininni

Darlene Mininni is chief learning officer at UCLA Extension and a health psychologist. Watch Darlene Mininni talk about how paying attention can lead to success and opportunities right in front of you. 

Jade Charon

Jade Charon is a choreographer, community activist, dancer, filmmaker, and teaching artist from  Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Watch Jade Charon use dance as a means for healing, social commentary, and empowerment. 

Marques Johnson

Watch Five-Time NBA All-Star Marques Johnson look at the value​ of hard work, set goals, and uncover the transcendent values of setting goals​ for yourself​, and for society at large.