TEDxUCLASalon: Focus | Martial Arts

May 25th, 2019 2:00pm-6:30pm

UCLA Pauley Pavilion Club

This May we look at the idea of focus, the deep ties it has to martial arts, and the connected cultures, philosophies and historical impacts martial arts and focusing has in fostering healthy human beings.

How well do you focus on your internal well being? How well do you focus on loved ones? How well do you focus on your job? How well do you focus while in conflict? This TEDxUCLA Salon looks at the connections that underlie these questions by looking at them from a thousand-year-old lens. Martial Arts are known for their ability to aid an individual to focus on personal dedication, on relationships with others both positive and negative and of course in conflict both physical and non-physical. How well can you, and do you focus when in times of need?

From the philosophies of Bruce Lee to medical advances in brain science, martial arts has continuously reinvented itself to be prominent in the modern world. Much of the research performed on these ancient practices have been through meditative and mindful training and its impact on the mind and body. This event looks at the elements associated with these topics whether they are found in martial arts, dance, music or movement and attempt to carve a path for others to follow where we can discover better ways to thrive as healthy human beings.

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