From Struggle to Success


July 31, 2017

UCLA Extension Gayley Center

Featured Presenters

Megan Fillinich

Chief Technology Officer, Naval Surface Warfare Center

Prior to her current post at the Naval Surface War Center, Megan served as Deputy Program Manager at PEO Integrated Warfare Systems and Science & Technology Director at PEO Littoral Combat Ships. She holds and MBA from MIT and a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from George Washington University.

Kimberly Jo

Associate Chief Information Officer, County of Los Angeles

Kimberly Jo, Senior Deputy for Budget Advocacy and Information Technology, is responsible for the advancement of budget and technology policy and initiatives that support economic development, environmental, health and human services, justice and public safety, transportation, and communication priorities.

Previously, Ms. Jo served as the Associate Chief Information Officer (CIO) in the area of Information Technology (IT) Strategic Planning and Governance for the County of Los Angeles’ CIO. The CIO serves as the in-house IT consultant providing strategy, coordination, and oversight of the County’s more than $1 billion dollar IT investment.

John Carnahan

CDO and EVP of Data Science & Engineering, Live Nation

Key algorithmic contributions in the areas of sponsored search (targeting ads to search queries) and sponsored content (targeting ads to page content) at Goto, Overture and Yahoo. Head of product and engineering at FAN. FAN is the creator of Hypertargeting, targetable segments of audiences on social media and MyAds, a self-serve marketplace for display advertising.

Jody Mulkey

Chief Technology Officer, Ticketmaster

Jody is a builder of high performance teams, systems and consumer internet businesses.