This is the story of an unknown solution to climate change that is right under our feet: Soil. An introduction to a new context for humanities relationship with nature. An explanation of how, by moving from our current degenerative, or better case sustainable systems, to regenerative systems, everything changes. A balanced climate is possible.

Finian is a recording artist and lifelong activist, and the Co-Founder and Policy Director at Kiss the Ground. His passion for how people can shape the world led him to study political science at UCLA. Finian strives to make the world a more peaceful and harmonious place for humans and all of nature. Finian resides in Venice, loves to make music, build gardens, and bring people together for common causes.

Ryland Engelhart is a Co-Owner and Chief Inspiration Officer of Cafe Gratitude, and the Co-Founder of Kiss The Ground, a non-profit that inspires and educates the public about the connection between soil, human and planetary health. Ryland was the co-creator of an award-winning, transformational documentary film, called “May I Be Frank.” He is is an activist, inspirational speaker and life coach, dedicated to culture, love, building community and demonstrating sustainability in business. He leads workshops in California on sacred commerce, relationship and communication.