An immersive experience from TEDxUCLA and the UCLA Housing Media Team.

Saturday April 7 // Wilson Plaza

8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Four rooms. Many stories. One journey.

The Overflow

Room One

Look around—see the subtleties. Juxtapose the purity of nature with the crude makings of man. There is beauty and there is nature and there is waste. This is our environment, our home, so how will you care for it?

Resounding examines society and yourself.


The Amplitude

Room Two

What is your wave of change? We begin with a canvas; our personalities, energies, ideas, and actions color our environment. Rise to your maximum potential and reach high. Every decision you make and dream you follow plays a part in the masterpiece.

We are here to challenge, to encourage, to inspire.

The Ebb & Flow

Room Three

Again and again, it feels like life takes you in a rhythmic and recurring pattern: ups and downs, trials and joys. But growth comes from discomfort. The ebb of mistakes and pain have a purpose; they flow into growth and strength. Immerse yourself in this ebb&flow, this coming&going which results in progress.

Frame your mindset and make your change resounding.

The Upsurge

Room Four

This is it. This is your rapid rise and swell upwards. This is your thriving and strengthening, your understanding that the individual can create an impact. Walk through the city: you are greater than your circumstances. You can be a catalyst for change.

Created entirely by students and for students.

Rachel Tu

Rachel is a third-year UCLA undergraduate majoring in Design|Media Arts with a minor in Visual and Performing Arts Education.

Alex Choy

Alex is a third-year UCLA undergraduate majoring in Geography/Environmental Studies with a minor in Digital Humanities.

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